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  Topic: Back2Fronts CoD2 Mod

Replies: 3
Views: 904

PostForum: General Discussion & Off Topic   Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:44 am   Subject: Re: Back2Fronts CoD2 Mod
I tried it for Mutilplayer and the weapon models are outstanding. Sadly the mod doesn't have any war effects like eXtreme+ or AWE. The download is rather large too due to sounds and single player stuff.

Though someone could transplant those weapons over to another mod, with MCH's permission. They'll probably end up in eXtreme+ 3.0 sooner or later.
  Topic: Emtpy COD2 server

Replies: 6
Views: 1261

PostForum: General Discussion & Off Topic   Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:56 am   Subject: Re: Emtpy COD2 server
CoD2 is just dying out. It's holding on better then CoDWAW and CoD/UO thought.

Most folks got new gaming rigs and there are playing the newest games. Sooner or later windows OSes will not even support CoD/UO/CoD2/WAW/CoD4, so play them while you can.

Modding community has flocked elsewhere. Mainly to indie projects as newer games general have no mod support, aside from source or unreal engine games.
  Topic: eXtreme+ 3.0 Alpha

Replies: 0
Views: 805

PostForum: COD2 Discussion   Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 7:25 am   Subject: eXtreme+ 3.0 Alpha
PatmanSan is working on next version of eXtreme+.


Added: perk weapon menu; adding 20 slots for weapon perks (specials.cfg; will disable jukebox).
Added: WMD can be linked to killing spree and quick kill ladder (wmdcontrol.cfg).
Added: account system (security.cfg).
Added: ex_bash_only_timelimit and ex_frag_fest_timelimit variables to override timelimit (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: procedure deleteAllSpawnPoints(spawnclass) to _ex_spawnpoints.gsc.
Added: buy from store with regular points (score), bonus points or cash points (ex_specials; specials.cfg).
Added: ENDMARKER-checking added to scriptdata cfg's to help debug configuration errors or mysterious crashes.
Added: cinematic-intro optional mod tools, including the original BluffTitler source.
Added: also using mp_global_intermission entity to detect map's height (in case all spawns are indoor).
Added: stock minefield min and max damage settings (weaponcontrol.cfg; ex_minefield_min, ex_minefield_max).
Added: device controller to handle effects, damage and close proximity explosion triggers (_ex_controller_devices.gsc).
Added: unified code for airplane and payload handling (using _ex_controller_airtraffic.gsc).
Added: overtime variable to decide what to do with the flag(s) (gametypes.cfg; ex_overtime_resetflag).
Added: variables for setting clock RGB color codes (gametypes.cfg; ex_clock_red, ex_clock_green, ex_clock_blue).
Added: weapon file minefield_mp for damage and kill logs.
Added: first in, first out for tripwires (weaponsontrol.cfg; level.ex_tripwire_fifo).
Added: playerHudAddText(), playerHudRemoveText() and playerHudTextUpdater() to _ex_controller_hud.gsc.


Changed: ready-up disabled automatically in designer mode.
Changed: renamed most files to group them together. Also moved custom files from maps\mp\gametypes to extreme.
Changed: cinematic intro has been replaced, and is now disabled by default (miscfeatures.cfg).
Changed: recoded drop-, target-, and impact handling for airstrikes, mortars and artillery.
Changed: all perks now get perk index through perk's callback functions.
Changed: minor adjustments to startUsingPerk/stopUsingPerk in some "keeptimer" perks.
Changed: moved knife projectile code (regular and perk) to _ex_projectiles_knife.gsc for better reload sync.
Changed: supernade perk not limited to 1 anymore (now ex_supernade can be 1 to 9; specials.cfg).
Changed: minor changes to Hitman game type code.
Changed: updated cvar distribution via _ex_controller_cvars.gsc.
Changed: split streak procedures from obituary code (_ex_stats_streaks.gsc).
Changed: split obituary and streak settings. Renamed several obituary related variables.
Changed: new WMD related variables for killing spree WMD and Kill Ladder WMD (monitoring.cfg).
Changed: lots of WMD-related general vars moved from ranksystem.cfg to wmdcontrol.cfg.
Changed: default for ex_rank_gunship_next set to 0 (gunship once; ranksystem.cfg).
Changed: split off WMD procs and functs to _ex_wmd.gsc, _ex_wmd_mortars, _ex_wmd_artillery.gsc, _ex_wmd_airstrike.gsc.
Changed: linked FPS monitor to event controller.
Changed: moved potato monitor (dummy weapons) from _ex_main to _ex_monitor_entities.gsc.
Changed: moved mod info code into _ex_main_messages.gsc (removed _ex_modinfo.gsc).
Changed: unfixing a turret will replace the mobile MG you're carrying already (causing drop or restore).
Changed: all devices and close proximity triggers now handled by device controller (_ex_controller_devices.gsc).
Changed: default for nade cap (ex_frag_cap and ex_smoke_cap) changed from 9 to 4.
Changed: report of entities cleanup revised.
Changed: reduced max for ambient airplanes, artillery, flares, and mortars (due to close proximity explosions).
Changed: moved code for ambient flares into _ex_ambient_skyeffects.gsc.
Changed: renamed vars level.ex_landmine_x to level.ex_landmines_x [+s] for consistency.
Changed: variables for laserdot coloring changed to accept only regular RGB color codes (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Changed: variables for arcade score coloring changed to accept only regular RGB color codes (gametypes.cfg).
Changed: variables for time limit coloring changed to accept only regular RGB color codes (gametypes.cfg).
Changed: time announcer color codes set to gradually change from peru brown via yellow to red.
Changed: flak points and damage will now be based on operator and operator's team, not the owner.
Changed: increased speed of mortars and artillery, both ambient and WMD.
Changed: replaced weapon files for tripwire_mp, landmine_mp, mortar_mp, artillery_mp and planebomb_mp.
Changed: cleaned up and reordered localized strings in landmines.str and tripwire.str.
Changed: variables for trips from ex_tweapon to ex_tripwire (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Changed: variables for trip limit from ex_tripwire_limit to ex_tripwire_max (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Changed: removed variable ex_tripwire_radius from weaponcontrol.cfg (obsolete).
Changed: variable ex_tripwire_warning works the same as ex_landmine_warning now (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Changed: variable ex_nademon_throwback_pickup min/max/def switched to inches for more precision (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Changed: finished account system menu and localized strings.
Changed: (alpha3) default for ex_nademon_throwback_indicator changed to 10.
Changed: (alpha3) increased damage radius for landmines and trips to 300.
Changed: (alpha3) throwback waypoint image split into red (out of range) and green (within range).


Fixed: default value for scr_ctfb_show_enemy_own_flag was enabled (1); not disabled (0) as it should be.
Fixed: several errors due to space in stock sound aliases (including corrected iw_battlechatter2.csv now).
Fixed: russian sound file and alias for "Guard Our Jail" (LIB).
Fixed: sound alias error "custom/prepare.mp3".
Fixed: removed "us_airstk_crsh_1" and "us_airstk_crsh_2" sound aliases (non existing sounds).
Fixed: four "US_mp_stm_enemydown" sound aliases in the "Battlechatter/US/bra" folder.
Fixed: local $levelbriefing error removed by adding $levelbriefing material.
Fixed: keep-timer flaw in supernade, knife and stealth perks.
Fixed: blood on screen not working (wrong operator when checking for hud elements).
Fixed: duplicate threads of turretThink() running when unfixed turret is planted.
Fixed: saved nade count adjusted when nades are stolen (FT).
Fixed: overtime only setting new timelimit for CTF.
Fixed: rare condition where ambient airplanes stopped working (missing notification).
Fixed: gas- and firenades as trip components will run their radius damage threads when triggered.
Fixed: runtime error in spank punishment (time variable missing).
Fixed: (alpha3) weapon mode override more robust; includes a fix for frag fest override.
Fixed: (alpha3) all spawnpoints are now kept (not removed by entity cleanup) if ex_designer_showall is enabled.
Fixed: (alpha3) FT wasn't listed in entity cleanup procedure to keep mp_tdm_spawn (ammocrates kept them in).
Fixed: (alpha3) script error in _ex_weapons_turrets.gsc when trying to plant MG.
Fixed: (alpha4) explosion sounds in minefield_reg and minefield_gas were swapped.
Fixed: (alpha4) overtime now handles players in spawn timer or spawn confirmation phase.
Fixed: (alpha4) overwriting radius parameter of getImpactPos/getImpactPosPlane could cause runtime errors.
Fixed: (alpha4) removed obsolete call to [[level.ex_bclear]] in _ex_stats_board.gsc.
Fixed: (alpha4) meatbot weapon conversion in _ex_player_obituary.gsc causing runtime errors.


Removed: _ex_knife.gsc (now handled by _ex_projectiles_knife.gsc).
Removed: _ex_modinfo.gsc (now handled by _ex_main_messages.gsc).
Removed: _ex_flares.gsc (now handled by _ex_ambient_skyeffects.gsc).
Removed: clan login (clancontrol.cfg); can be handled by account system.
Removed: FT weapon steal, except nades (renamed scr_ft_weaponsteal vars to scr_ft_nadesteal).
Removed: configuration profiles 1-4 (not the feature; just the profiles).
Removed: flamethrower tank explosion.
Removed: female model Diana optional mod and all code related to it.
Removed: (alpha3) _ex_player_parachute.gsc (now handled by _ex_player.gsc and _ex_main_utils.gsc).

If you have an account on the old PatmanSan site it will work on the new one.
  Topic: Merciless Mod 2 V3.4 Public Beta

Replies: 0
Views: 619

PostForum: COD2 Discussion   Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 7:14 am   Subject: Merciless Mod 2 V3.4 Public Beta
Merciless Mod 2 V3.4 Public Beta is now out. It's now a meager 50mb download without the bone error ridden gore mod :)

Going to post it on MegaGames as well soon.

List of changes some changes (too many to list):

*Gore mod gone, but still has bloodpools, and bloodsplat.
*Better class functions all classes can press V + V to plant landmine.
*Each class has a defuse chance for landmines.
*Medkits and Ammoboxes added (along with scripts to regain health and rearm ammo)
*Support can rearm pistol ammo V + M
*Support can drop ammobox V + A
*Medic can drop medkit V + A
*Medic can drop healthbag V + M
*Many script related errors remove such as scriptmenu, character gsc and other typos.

Some things I need to work out:
*Limit the call medic tracers to location of Medkits.
*Limit the call support tracers to location of ammoboxes.
*Better Ammobox 3D models.
*Give ether Engineers (officers) or Snipers TNT/Dynomite via V + A
*Another 3d model to drop like a GrenadeBox/GrenadeCrate to rearm grenades.
*Stop players from dying when switching classes on same team.
*Mess with health regeneration system, make players bleed out from damage. Fall to prone from damage.
*Black screen when dying.
*Anti-camp system
*Turret Overheat
*Anti-dive bomber/ Jump Monitor with a working sprint system (works in Demon mod)

Stuff for later on:
*Each class gets a static perk. Solider = UVA ticker, Medic = Carepackage ticker, Support = Bomb Squad perk, Officer = Endurance, Sniper = Airstrike ticker.

V3.4 Public Beta should broadcast as dedicated server. Though I'm unable to test it in the mode due to blocked ports. But V3.3 (older) was unstable and didn't broadcast right. Will likely not revise V3.3 Branch since the gore mod causes game crashing bone errors.
  Topic: CoD2 AWE Revised!

Replies: 3
Views: 1551

PostForum: COD2 Discussion   Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:46 pm   Subject: Re: CoD2 AWE Revised!
Turns out mixing Merciless Mod and AWE is not as easy as I though. I found AWE 3.4.2 to be a bit buggy. Later I'd like to patch up AWE 3 to as I believe there needs to be a solid ultra lightweight mod.

For now I'm updating Merciless Mod 2, removed the gore mod and transplanting features over from other mods to it, Converted some medkit and ammobox models over to CoD2 too. Merciless Mod 2 is now around 50mb total download, used to be 136mb. More information will be posted once I get into late beta or release candidate stage.

In the mean time if you want to find those bugs in AWE 3.4.2,

/developer 1

/developer_script 1


  Topic: Mechanical keyboards

Replies: 8
Views: 1817

PostForum: General Discussion & Off Topic   Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:09 pm   Subject: Re: Mechanical keyboards
I heard they are good for fast responses. But are they worth the cost? , probably not unless you play video games for money. Good old USB keyboard does the trick fine. Older PS/2 can be good two, but are obsolete due to old connectors.

Rather put my money in a better rig then a fancy keyboard.
  Topic: CoD2 AWE Revised!

Replies: 3
Views: 1551

PostForum: COD2 Discussion   Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:53 pm   Subject: CoD2 AWE Revised!
Hey Easy Company,

I got permission from RGN to do an unofficial continuation of CoD2 AWE. I intend to revise it heavily to make it rock solid, maybe not as great as Extreme+ but great in it's own way. Before I go into details, I'd like to ask two questions:

Why does EC run AWE 3 CE, instead of AWE 3.4.2?

Is there any major issues with AWE 3.4.2 that I should know of? aside from non-working sprint, and PanzerN00bTubes

The proposed details:
It's going to be AWE meets Merciless and meets realism Mod. Merciless Mod 2 class base system ported over to AWE, recoil will be raise across the board. Reduction of non-working or unneeded gametypes. Possible partial Blood mod port, add in blood pools, head decap ect. Revised plant MG script, you can fire mobile mg which you can plant. Overhauled sprint system with animation, different levels of sprint per weapon.

Already got the Merciless Mod 2 class system in AWE. Just need to keep digging in.

The Licence:
Will only require permission if content is being used in public mod. To ensure everyone get credited
Private mod servers like EC could modify it and make there own flavor, like if they want to low recoil ect.
Can freely publicly distribute unmodified copies and freely run on game server without permission

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