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Last Updated: January 7, 2013

By connecting to an Easy Company Clan server, you agree to these rules while playing on any of our servers. We also reserve the right to ban or kick any player at anytime for any reason, including, but not limited to making room for Easy Company and VIP members.

Section 1
Inappropriate use of Easy Company tag
Using the Easy Company tag to either impersonate an Easy Company member, or using the Easy Company tag is not allowed.  This may result in a kick and/or ban.  We will also forward your information to clans that we participate with, so that they can take appropriate.

Section 2
The use of cheats will result in the immediate banning of the offender. This covers using anything that is external from the game to achieve an advantage, such as hacks or drivers. Exploiting the map in an unfair manner is also considered cheating. It does not matter if everyone on the server has access or can do it.

Section 3
Server Chat and Player Names
Cursing is allowed in our servers.  However, please, keep it to a minimum. If such a player is warned by an administrator for excessive language, they risk being kicked at the administrator's discretion.

Derogatory racial slurs (characterized by or showing prejudicial treatment, especially as an indication of racial, religious, or sexual bias) will not be allowed and may get you kicked, temp banned, or permanently banned with or without warning at administrator's discretion. Upon a permanent ban appeal, Easy Company administration will view each as separate incidents.

Any player who uses an unacceptable name, will be required to change it immediately. Easy Company does not tolerate any type of discrimination.  The use of such titles which may be offensive to religious, cultural, or ethnic groups will be dealt with accordingly.

Section 4
a) If a player (non-Easy Company) is instructed by an Easy Company member (of any rank) to cease and desist from a behavior not conducive to proper etiquette within the server, they can be immediately kicked, temporarily banned, or permanently banned if they do not comply.

b) Easy Company Members (of any rank) that fail to show proper etiquette and respect to Senior Members are subject to disciplinary action by Clan Administration. Each case will be reviewed upon its own merits and circumstances before action is taken.

Section 5
Spamming & In-Game Chat
The spamming of the text marquee and/or the voice messages will not be tolerated. While they can be great tools for game play, abuse of them becomes annoying. If you are asked to stop spamming, and you continue,  you run the risk of getting kicked or banned depending upon administrator's discretion.

This is a game, and we know people want to chat to others. We do not want to hear about your political opinions or religious beliefs as they tend to start arguments. If an argument arises, administrators will calm the situation and take appropriate steps to stop it including to but not limited to kicking and/or banning players.

If you are banned during an argument you have the right to come to the forums and post your story.  It is up to THE ADMIN THAT BANNED YOU to remove your banning.

Section 6
Warning and Banning by Console
Automated warnings sent by the console are tools to enforce our server rules. These warnings are not to be ignored. Being kicked or banned by our monitoring program is the same thing as being kicked or banned by an administrator. Whether an Easy Company member is around or not, all server rules must be obeyed at all times.

Section 7
Administrator Discretion
Easy Company administrators are people.  They will try to make the best decision at the time with the knowledge that they have. If you are asked or warned by an administrator to alter your behavior, please comply with their wishes. If you disagree with what the administrator is saying, do not argue with the administrator.  That may get you kicked or banned. Please send these grievances to the Easy Company Board of Directors.

Section 8
These rules apply to all players, new or old, no exceptions. Each offender will be dealt in a manner that is fair for every player on the server.

If your actions result in a ban on a shared computer, game, or IP, that is not Easy Company's issue. No considerations will be made for such situations. Choose wisely when you share your resources.

If you find yourself banned, and you think that it was done in an unfair or inappropriate manner. Please post on our forums under "Banned?" under the appropriate game's forum. An Easy Company administrator will try to resolve the situation as quick as possible after hearing your case. Please do not take it upon yourself to discuss such grievances in TeamSpeak, our voice chat program. Such a meeting will only be initiated by an Easy Company member, and only if the Easy Company member feels one is required to resolve the issue.

Section 9
Modification of Rules
These rules can be changed and/or updated at any time with or without notification.  Please check them on a regular basis.

Section 10
The Most Important Rule
Have fun!

Thank you for reading these rules. Please remember that we are only trying to provide a fair and enjoyable place to play. We want all of our guests and clan members to have as much of an enjoyable experience as possible.
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