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#1: Fight Hello EC Author: SmokeyJoeLocation: California PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:20 pm
Hello EC! Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I've played for a while on your server but hadn't really checked out your site here.

Is there somewhere on this site (apologies if I missed it), or possibly another resource you can point me to, that suggests some of the more efficient (and of course legal) settings to use while playing cod2 on your server? Things like (and I'm not even sure what all the names are) maxfps, cvar, snaps, etc...

Typically my ping is in the 90's when playing on your server. But often, even against players whose pings are much much higher than mine, the difference between what I see in real time vs what I see on the killcam is significant. Against low ping players the difference is usually even larger.

I'm sure ultimately it all boils down to one's combination of hardware, connection speed, settings, and "skill".

Just hoping for a bit of guidance with the "settings" portion of this based on what people have found to be effective for your server. (Do people even adjust some setting based on the map being played?)

Cheers - SJ

ps - installed TS recently, so hoping to chat with some of you live soon (meme si c'est en francais)

#2: No icon Re: Hello EC Author: lecoyotteLocation: france PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 3:08 pm
^^ You're welcome joe Wink

#3: No icon Re: Hello EC Author: ArtoriasLocation: Chicago PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:11 pm
Hey Joe! I've spent more hours than I care to admit working on efficiency in settings and configuration in cod 2, so if you want help on that front, hop in TS with me and I can talk you through some stuff that should improve your game.

#4: No icon Re: Hello EC Author: Nickenstein PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:31 pm
Do a post about it in a new thread, Arty.

It's the kind of thing many people are interested in but don't necessarily know exactly what to ask, or where to begin.  


#5: No icon Re: Hello EC Author: -=EC=-GimpLocation: Chicago PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:48 pm
Welcome to our forums, Smokey.  

We can happily help you with cfg settings either through this website, steam, x-fire, or teamspeak.  Settings are not the same from one player to the next because somethings depend on your connection to the server and your equipment.

As far as the kill cam goes, since we run antilag on the server, your view of the kill cam will look wrong if there's much of a ping difference between you and your enemy.  Antilag does not apply to the playback on kill cam.  This is part of the reason why our admins are instructed to move to spectate if they suspect someone of cheating.

#6: No icon Re: Hello EC Author: gignLocation: france PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:27 am
Welcome Smokey. Very Happy

#7: No icon Re: Hello EC Author: Despite PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:11 pm
Welcome to the EC forums i love you.

http://www.easycompanygaming.com -> Introductions

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