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#1: No icon CoD2 AWE Revised! Author: PlusIce PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:53 pm
Hey Easy Company,

I got permission from RGN to do an unofficial continuation of CoD2 AWE. I intend to revise it heavily to make it rock solid, maybe not as great as Extreme+ but great in it's own way. Before I go into details, I'd like to ask two questions:

Why does EC run AWE 3 CE, instead of AWE 3.4.2?

Is there any major issues with AWE 3.4.2 that I should know of? aside from non-working sprint, and PanzerN00bTubes

The proposed details:
It's going to be AWE meets Merciless and meets realism Mod. Merciless Mod 2 class base system ported over to AWE, recoil will be raise across the board. Reduction of non-working or unneeded gametypes. Possible partial Blood mod port, add in blood pools, head decap ect. Revised plant MG script, you can fire mobile mg which you can plant. Overhauled sprint system with animation, different levels of sprint per weapon.

Already got the Merciless Mod 2 class system in AWE. Just need to keep digging in.

The Licence:
Will only require permission if content is being used in public mod. To ensure everyone get credited
Private mod servers like EC could modify it and make there own flavor, like if they want to low recoil ect.
Can freely publicly distribute unmodified copies and freely run on game server without permission


#2: No icon Re: CoD2 AWE Revised! Author: -=EC=-GimpLocation: Chicago PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:46 pm
Welcom to our forums, PlusIce.  

The issue with 3.4.2 is, when the sever had more than 25 to 30ish players, many of them (about half) would go into server command overflow and ping out.  I think the CoD2 engine was being overloaded.  With 3.0 we've had over 40 players and never experienced any issues.  The only reason we tried to run 3.4.2 was to get the complete weapons menu and maybe some additional ways to handle trip wires.

#3: No icon Re: CoD2 AWE Revised! Author: -=EC=-GimpLocation: Chicago PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:50 pm
In anticipation of running 3.4 again since our population is smaller now, 3.4.2 is running on our Euro server for testing.

-=EC=- AWE 3.4.2 Euro
Server IP

#4: No icon Re: CoD2 AWE Revised! Author: PlusIce PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:46 pm
Turns out mixing Merciless Mod and AWE is not as easy as I though. I found AWE 3.4.2 to be a bit buggy. Later I'd like to patch up AWE 3 to as I believe there needs to be a solid ultra lightweight mod.

For now I'm updating Merciless Mod 2, removed the gore mod and transplanting features over from other mods to it, Converted some medkit and ammobox models over to CoD2 too. Merciless Mod 2 is now around 50mb total download, used to be 136mb. More information will be posted once I get into late beta or release candidate stage.

In the mean time if you want to find those bugs in AWE 3.4.2,

/developer 1

/developer_script 1


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