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#1: No icon Merciless Mod 2 V3.4 Public Beta Author: PlusIce PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 7:14 am
Merciless Mod 2 V3.4 Public Beta is now out. It's now a meager 50mb download without the bone error ridden gore mod :)
Going to post it on MegaGames as well soon.

List of changes some changes (too many to list):

*Gore mod gone, but still has bloodpools, and bloodsplat.
*Better class functions all classes can press V + V to plant landmine.
*Each class has a defuse chance for landmines.
*Medkits and Ammoboxes added (along with scripts to regain health and rearm ammo)
*Support can rearm pistol ammo V + M
*Support can drop ammobox V + A
*Medic can drop medkit V + A
*Medic can drop healthbag V + M
*Many script related errors remove such as scriptmenu, character gsc and other typos.

Some things I need to work out:
*Limit the call medic tracers to location of Medkits.
*Limit the call support tracers to location of ammoboxes.
*Better Ammobox 3D models.
*Give ether Engineers (officers) or Snipers TNT/Dynomite via V + A
*Another 3d model to drop like a GrenadeBox/GrenadeCrate to rearm grenades.
*Stop players from dying when switching classes on same team.
*Mess with health regeneration system, make players bleed out from damage. Fall to prone from damage.
*Black screen when dying.
*Anti-camp system
*Turret Overheat
*Anti-dive bomber/ Jump Monitor with a working sprint system (works in Demon mod)

Stuff for later on:
*Each class gets a static perk. Solider = UVA ticker, Medic = Carepackage ticker, Support = Bomb Squad perk, Officer = Endurance, Sniper = Airstrike ticker.

V3.4 Public Beta should broadcast as dedicated server. Though I'm unable to test it in the mode due to blocked ports. But V3.3 (older) was unstable and didn't broadcast right. Will likely not revise V3.3 Branch since the gore mod causes game crashing bone errors. -> COD2 Discussion

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