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#1: No icon hi guys Author: Bry5012 PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:16 pm
hey ECG...

Some of you already know me, other don't but my name is Bryan and I go under the name of Bry5012 or Hawx (in-game).  I am a good friend of Rain's and will occasionally do GFX for you here per the request of Rain.  I didn't know I had to re-register but I did so here I am Wink

#2: No icon Re: hi guys Author: lecoyotteLocation: france PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:51 pm
Wink welcome you to the forum man

#3: No icon Re: hi guys Author: -=EC=-GimpLocation: Chicago PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:55 pm
Welcome back.  Catch ya in the server sometime I hope.

http://www.easycompanygaming.com -> Introductions

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