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These Punks ruin the game for everyone!

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Browse Reason: Racism

Punk Reason Banned By Screenshot Demo Date Banned
-=EC=- Player 913 Racism Lecoyotte Yes No 08-30-2015
Noob No:4*6 Racism Lecoyotte Yes No 08-07-2015
Aerial Racism Lecoyotte Yes No 03-05-2015
most niggas cheat Racism Rumpo Kid Yes No 10-29-2014
Don Adolfo Racism Lecoyotte Yes No 05-28-2014
Jewish Nigger Racism Artorias Yes No 04-03-2014
Qlli Racism Gimp Yes No 03-31-2014
Lt. Dan Racism Artorias Yes No 03-31-2014
Donald Duck Racism Lecoyotte Yes No 03-15-2014
Siberian Mouse Racism Lecoyotte Yes No 02-05-2014
Unnamed Player Racism Artorias Yes No 01-18-2014
bitch n*****aaaaaaa Racism Dr.House Yes No 08-15-2013
Krunk Smash Racism Dr.House Yes No 08-15-2013
adam Racism Dr.House Yes No 05-11-2013
Alfredo. Racism Dr.House Yes No 03-31-2013
Mr Lister the Sister Fister aka Thor Racism Madfecker Yes No 03-22-2013
Pro Era Gaming Racism Gimp Yes No 03-10-2013
fReak Racism Gimp Yes No 01-13-2013
DeathGhost Racism Gimp No No 12-30-2012
bearjew Racism Dr.House Yes No 12-11-2012
Ti//Blink Racism Not Set No No 12-02-2012 Racism Gimp Yes No 11-03-2012
Duffman Racism Gimp Yes No 08-27-2012
BlackNigger Racism Dr.House Yes No 05-17-2012
asus Racism Madfecker No No 04-30-2012
Rastafarian Racism Gimp No No 03-16-2012
Bol Weavel Racism Dr.House Yes No 12-17-2011
Lux'uq Racism Dr.House Yes No 12-17-2011
exodusLoL Racism SpacePotato Yes No 11-10-2011
BOSSNIGGA Racism Dr.House Yes No 11-06-2011
jewishmuddafugger Racism Madfecker No No 08-25-2011
-=|X|=-R4X Racism Dr.House Yes No 08-18-2011
Trilogy<3Amanda Racism Dr.House Yes No 08-18-2011
KFC Watermelons Racism Dr.House Yes No 08-06-2011
[hy]heckyeahctf.com_1 Racism Dr.House Yes No 08-03-2011
(M) thunder#1HUSTLA$$$$ Racism Not Set Yes No 06-29-2011
Aryan Devil Racism Madfecker No No 06-25-2011
lawlface Racism Madfecker No No 06-12-2011
JEW 4 U Racism Fuzzy No No 06-02-2011
jooooooooooo<3 Racism Howie97 No No 05-18-2011
SecretA5sianMan Racism SgtFragNUrass Yes No 03-27-2011
FORCEFIVE.exploittt Racism Howie97 No No 02-19-2011
Thatguywhocamps Racism ngobamakhosi Yes No 01-03-2011
leving Racism ngobamakhosi Yes No 12-28-2010
ok i will own now soesje Racism ngobamakhosi Yes No 12-28-2010
baked-_- Racism RedneckSniper Yes No 12-24-2010
ppizza!_! Racism Madfecker Yes No 12-21-2010
RaptorLOL Racism Madfecker Yes No 12-21-2010
FromJerseybutnotguido Racism Madfecker No No 12-19-2010
Stroke My Oak Racism SpacePotato Yes No 11-11-2010

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