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These Punks ruin the game for everyone!

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Browse Reason: Attitude

Punk Reason Banned By Screenshot Demo Date Banned
Greg Attitude Lecoyotte No No 02-20-2016
Feisty Dawg Attitude Gimp No No 11-21-2015
hairworm Attitude Rumpo Kid Yes No 07-15-2015
Pu Pu Platter Attitude Rumpo Kid No No 06-20-2015
Banga Banga Attitude Gimp No No 06-12-2015
Furry Toes Attitude Rumpo Kid Yes Yes 03-24-2015
hand in hand naar eigen land Attitude Lecoyotte Yes No 03-22-2015
mary Attitude Gimp No No 01-26-2015
amaz1nk Attitude Gimp No No 01-13-2015
caddy Attitude Lecoyotte Yes No 12-29-2014
watch N learn Attitude Gimp No No 11-23-2014
-=EC=- Player 67 Attitude Stunt Yes No 11-09-2014
5coso Attitude Lecoyotte Yes No 11-03-2014
Salut ma poule Attitude Gimp No No 10-05-2014
Fnatic<3 Attitude Madfecker No No 08-31-2014
shc wave kusAA Attitude Lecoyotte No No 08-27-2014
i-x-l Pwnzer Attitude Madfecker No No 08-25-2014
Dennis Attitude Rumpo Kid Yes No 07-28-2014
creeper1074 Attitude Rumpo Kid Yes No 07-04-2014
Tackleberry Attitude Lecoyotte No No 06-29-2014
Mihei Attitude Rumpo Kid No No 06-02-2014
Poop Attitude Rumpo Kid No No 05-29-2014
*allSTARS*kinE* Attitude Gimp No No 05-11-2014
oberHinka Attitude Lecoyotte Yes No 05-10-2014
IAF Chief Attitude Lecoyotte Yes No 05-07-2014
Vasily Zaytsev Attitude Artorias Yes No 04-17-2014
Sir_Derpington Attitude Artorias Yes No 04-15-2014
Letus Attitude Gimp No No 03-31-2014
Poop Attitude Rumpo Kid No No 03-15-2014
imyou Attitude Gimp No No 03-03-2014
CCCP-USSR#r3$^2P@w^1Nn^7 Attitude Rumpo Kid Yes No 02-25-2014
[SNA]BeyondHelp Attitude Gimp No No 02-17-2014
IFAG Attitude Artorias Yes No 02-13-2014
Alaskan Dog Attitude Artorias No No 02-05-2014
Gory Attitude Gimp No No 01-18-2014
mz/x Attitude Lecoyotte Yes No 01-18-2014
erwanflame Attitude Lecoyotte Yes No 01-14-2014
Brady 731 Attitude Rumpo Kid Yes No 01-08-2014
Poop Attitude Rumpo Kid Yes No 12-04-2013
Bosghen24 Attitude Rumpo Kid Yes No 12-04-2013
Tate :] Attitude Stunt No Yes 11-28-2013
DontShootme Attitude Gimp Yes No 09-24-2013
[v]* ethix Attitude Gimp Yes No 08-24-2013
Le Queens Peach Attitude Madfecker No No 07-06-2013
superbale- Attitude Gimp No No 07-03-2013
sharky Attitude Gimp No No 05-01-2013
spacenoob Attitude Dr.House Yes No 02-12-2013
kanibal Attitude Gimp Yes No 12-02-2012
Red Flamingo Attitude Madfecker No No 09-26-2012
Bummer Attitude Madfecker No No 06-03-2012

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