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These Punks ruin the game for everyone!

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Browse Reason: Recruiting

Punk Reason Banned By Screenshot Demo Date Banned
[OUTLAW]goOUTLAWclan.com3 Recruiting ngobamakhosi Yes No 04-21-2011
visitCrazyGirlClubServer Recruiting Fuzzy Yes No 11-06-2010
Tomeee Recruiting Howie97 No No 10-31-2010
#[WCA1]Goa|AirwaX Recruiting Fuzzy Yes No 09-14-2010
Chris Recruiting Madfecker No No 07-29-2010
123456 Recruiting Fuzzy Yes No 06-21-2010
www.*****.cz Recruiting Fuzzy Yes No 06-20-2010
LOVE IP Recruiting Fuzzy Yes No 01-28-2010
WWW.MONPAINPLUSTAMAIN.COM Recruiting Fuzzy Yes No 01-28-2010
DVD.ASW****.COM Recruiting ngobamakhosi Yes No 01-24-2010
^4-|DC|-^0jlw_4049^2GoA Recruiting Fuzzy Yes No 01-23-2010
www.cod*****.com 27 Recruiting Fuzzy Yes No 01-23-2010
Prive Ryan Recruiting Madfecker No No 01-22-2010
Barry's | Bexxd Recruiting Fuzzy Yes No 12-22-2009 Recruiting Not Set Yes No 12-04-2009
$alter.killarunner Recruiting ngobamakhosi Yes No 11-28-2009
www.Ta**** overloaded Recruiting ngobamakhosi Yes No 11-22-2009 Recruiting RedneckSniper Yes No 11-20-2009
www.COD*******.** Recruiting Fuzzy Yes No 11-20-2009
[hy]heckyeah.com_1 Recruiting HertaPL Yes No 10-19-2009
ncore.BounCe Recruiting ngobamakhosi Yes No 09-29-2009
{SAS}JET Recruiting Howie97 Yes No 09-29-2009
*8*Pepsi Recruiting Madfecker Yes No 09-05-2009
smithy... Recruiting ngobamakhosi Yes No 09-05-2009
44:02P34um02a44: Recruiting HertaPL Yes No 09-01-2009
Love IP <- Guest 1 Recruiting HertaPL Yes No 08-15-2009
.=.chr0n1c $ Recruiting Madfecker Yes No 08-10-2009
#Phx/TitoFuente> SP Recruiting Rain Yes No 09-14-2008

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